About US

Noel and Margaret Spann are able to show YOU how you can have all the Happiness, Health, Relationships and Money you can Want for … to Be, to  Do and Have it all … by Learning and Applying… “Synergistic DYNAMICS.

You have probably arrived at this site looking for ANSWERS. We too went looking for solutions and we arrived at most of our ANSWERS by challenging convention and thinking about things quite differently.

But there’s more to the story. Let me tell you…

It is truly remarkable how the changes in our thinking and feelings about doing what we love doing morphed into “The Answers”… and into a eCourse …“Synergies to Get RICH and Get a LIFE” …  so you can learn from what we did …  to live a Life of one’s Dreams – and make it a way of life. For us, over the 58 years, Margaret and I have been “Soul Mates,” it has been quite a serendipitous journey of magnificent, and at times seemingly miraculous, proportions. 

So how did it happen?

Ours was a typical boy meets girl teenage romance of our time. But our lives took a turn for the worse when as an 18-year-old Margaret contracted a bowel disease. In horrendous pain, she was haemorrhaging to death and was given just 5 days to live. Funeral Directors were called. But in the midst of all that pain and suffering, her Answers unfolded, and much to everyones surprise, and my joy, she lived.

Something changed. It was quite Pivotal. 

And our Life’s Journey took off with the hand brake off and throttles wide open. What a ride! Piece by piece our Jigsaw in the Game of Life came together. There have been highs and lows; good times and bad; but through it all, Answers always unfolded for us to shine and thrive, way beyond the ordinary. Like how we bought a small bankrupted engineering company and turned into a magnificent enterprise employing hundreds and generating millions of dollars.

That Company became our “living laboratory,” where I found, flexed and fleshed out the Synergies that had made my career prior to that, astronomical. In that corporate world, I was batting “well above my age and experience.” I was “an expert” in Design and Pricing  Bids for major Engineering Contracts. This is where I used to  get my “kinda spiritual, intuitive, serendipitous type whispers(Like how a horse whisperer does marvellous things with a fractious horse) … where I evolved my clever, designs and smart Innovations that won contracts and orders and kept a workforce of 700 tradesmen happily in work.

We were/are Students of Life.

We studied and applied psychology, autosuggestion, metaphysics, mind dynamics, entrepreneurship, value analysis, life coaching, relationship counselling and image language, to name some. It all morphed into our “insightful learning systems.” What we discovered through this anecdotal research, and our work in rescue and resuscitation troubled lives and businesses, morphed into Answers for understanding and expanding the SIX Areas of Life that are essential to our living RICH as we were meant to live.

We ran Master Classes, to teach others about what we found worked for us. Margaret ran metaphysical counselling and life coaching sessions. The results and feedback we got from all this, were amazing.

One client, John, had lost everything – house, business, wife, self-respect. He was “shattered.” But all was not lost. Over the 40 months of learning and applying “The Answers we gave him for Life and Living”, he has turned his original loss into some $4,000,000 of assets, all owned, no debts. John is a “happy boy” and is now working through his Bucket List of even more audacious desires.

Because we can think “outside of the nine dots,” and have been recognised over the years for what we do as “quiet achievers,” many folk have been asking us, “How can we get to learn ‘The Answers’ and do the same?”

And that is why we put this eCourse – “Synergies to Get RICH and Get a LIFE” – together.

In this main eCourse and the three accompanying mini eCourses, we give students many clues about “The NEW Answers” and why old mind setting practices fail. It is like an – Evolution For Getting RICH that sorts out issues and got us … and all the folk who fully applied what we teach … into living “a Life of Par Excellence.” So now, our wish for you is that you take all “The Answers” we found and turn them into “Your Answers” so that you rocket your life and Lifestyle up to incredible heights.

Please do yourself and us a favour.

Invest in yourself and introduce yourself to us by pushing the Buy Button. On the other side will be Information and Answers you need to know … to start living the dream you have in mind.